Free Chrome Time Tracking Extension

Track time easily in your chrome browser with Everhour's Chrome time tracker. Track how much time you spend working on projects with just one click.

Chrome Time Tracking Extension

Track time with Everhour's Google Chrome timer

  • Step 1: Create an account with Everhour

    Sign up here

  • Step 2: Install Everhour’s time tracking extension for Chrome

    Get the Everhour time tracker on the Chrome Web Store

  • Step 3: Log in

    Open the Everhour time tracker extension in your browser, click the "Log In" button, and finish the login process. The Everhour button will be pinned on your Menu bar so that you can easily access a Google time tracker from any web page.

  • Step 4: Start tracking time

    Enter the details of what you’re working on and start the work hours tracker.

  • Step 5: Add the details

    Add project, task, tag, etc., to your time entry.

    everhour chrome time tracking browser extension time log

  • Step 6: Resume tracking

    Continue tracking time by clicking on the entry inside the timer extension.

  • Step 7: Track time inside other web apps

    Sync up the Everhour time tracking Chrome extension with your project management apps of choice (Asana, Trello, JIRA, Basecamp, ClickUp) and use Everhour time controls inside their interfaces.

    everhour chrome time tracking trello

  • Step 8: Enable additional settings

    If you want to customize your time tracking experience and make it more accurate you can turn on Everhour’s Google timer extension extra features:

    ✔️ Receive a notification if you don’t start your timer.

    ✔️ Clock-in/clock-out automatically when you open/close your browser.

    ✔️ If there isn’t any activity for a specific time, you get clocked out.

  • Step 9: Manage projects

    The web app allows you to use such tools as an attendance tracker and a time clock app, edit your time entries, set up employee time tracking, manage projects, invoicing, and payroll, track expenses, work on timesheets, and create and export reports.

Chrome clock app features

faq illustration

Track time within Trello, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, ClickUp, etc. through embedded time controls

Auto start/stop

Automatically clock-in/clock-out when you open/close the browser

Manual edit

If you forgot to start the timer, or you prefer to fill in all your work hours in one go, use manual mode.

Timesheet view

View all time entries grouped by time through a timesheet app view mode without having to access the app

Default project

Start time tracking the task with the project already selected

Idle detection

If there isn’t any activity for a specific time, you get clocked out.


Receive notifications if you forget to start tracking time