Basecamp 2 time tracking

Everhour upgrades your Basecamp account by handy time tracking and estimating functionality. It natively integrates into each to-do list and opens wide range of reporting options.

Try With My Basecamp 2
Also available for Basecamp 3
  • Great possibilities of setting up estimates for yourself or your colleagues. Time tracking and estimating right inside of your ‘to-do’ lists in Basecamp. All at one place - no more switching between tabs.
Estimate To-Do's in Basecamp
  • It is possible to track time by using handy inline timer button and you can also log time retrospectively by simply selecting a necessary date in a calendar.
Track Time in Basecamp
  • Estimated and logged time is displayed right next to the task titles. It dramatically simplifies the process of supervising your team’s efficiency. What’s more, see the total reported time on each to-do list.
Inline Time and Estimates in Basecamp To-do's

3,500+ businesses use Everhour to manage their projects

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