Efficient team management toolkit by Everhour

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Team management in action

See how Everhour can help you administer your team

Benefit from better practices

Who said management had to be a chore, optimize your processes
to get the most from your team and business

Accuracy for billing and payroll

Don’t leave your team feeling unappreciated. Instead optimize your administrative processes and reward your staff for their hard work.

Projects profitability

Working hard and seem to be losing money, or perhaps, you feel understaffed? Analyze your staffing and budgets to come up with a solution.

Live progress

See your projects as they happen, watch your team’s process and adjust the composition of your team on a needs basis to create more efficient, successful projects.

Transparency and accountability

Ensure your financial and team management isn’t a mystery, handle your processes like a pro–with transparency, accountability, and style.

Our super toolkit

Discover how Everhour’s tools can open a world of simplicity
for your team's management needs

Locking time editing icon

Locking time editing

Individual editing privileges per team with the possibility to set rules to prevent members editing time entries after a certain period.

Correct employees time icon

Correct employees time

Admins can edit time on behalf of a team members. No need to ping your colleague to solve it.

Billing and cost rates icon

Billing and cost rates

Enter different cost and billable rates for each person. Gain insight into your project costs and profitability.

Set limits icon

Set limits

Set a daily, weekly or monthly limits for particular members to ensure they don’t track a minute over the agreed budget.

Timesheet approval icon

Timesheet approval

Receive email notifications when your team submits timesheets for approval.

Role-based security icon

Role-based security

Allocate member roles based on your business needs, and assign users to specific projects.