Linear time tracking integration

Track time in Linear, stay on budget, analyze reports and automate payroll.
Works inside Linear. No more tab switching!

Time tracking and estimates inside Linear

Everhour’s Linear time tracker benefits

Here is a bit more details on how Everhour integrates with Linear
and what advantages it will give you

Time and estimate along tasks

With Everhour, you can easily track time in any task within Linear. You will see the timer and reported time next to the task title as well as the total time by each section (list) and the entire project.

Time and estimates along task title
Works with subtasks

Time in task details

In the task details, you’ll see the reported time by each employee and its progress towards the original estimate. You can track time using timer or log time manually at any time.

Manual time entries

If you forgot to start the timer, or you prefer to fill in all your work hours in one go, use manual mode.

Linear manual time entries
Timeheet linear

My Timesheet button

Quickly look at all your timekeeping for a Day or Week as well as start the timer or add time and comments for the tasks you have been working on.

Questions? We have answers

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Everhour easy to connect with Linear?

Yes. Just create an Everhour account and connect it with Linear. The next step would be to install our browser extension. And that's it! Open your Linear and start tracking time.

How does Everhour for Linear work?

After integration, Everhour embeds controls into the Linear interface and thus extends it with many useful features. You can keep tracking time from Linear, through the Everhour website or browser extension.

What if not all my Linear users need time tracking?

No problem. You can invite and pay only for those Linear users who are going to track time and use other Everhour features.

Will someone else (like clients) see my time in Linear?

Only those people who are a part of your Everhour team and installed our free browser extension can see time-related data in Linear.

How to invite other Linear users to Everhour?

After you register an Everhour account and connect it with Linear, you can track time only for yourself. To invite teammates, you should go to the Everhour team page and manually invite your team by entering their emails. Each employee should finish the signup flow and connect their Linear account.

Does Everhour work on Linear native apps?

Unfortunately, it is not possible due to technical reasons. Only folks at Linear can decide to integrate with Everhour. Other time trackers can't do this either.