Everhour + Insightly

How much time your sales people spend talking to customers on the phone? How much time do they spend managing their sales database?

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Why tracking time?

With Everhour, you can add very important and clear metric into your sales process - time. How much time you spend on various types of activity, such as leads, opportunities, projects, and tasks.

Insightly time tracking integration - Purpose

How it works

After setup, Everhour natively embeds into Insightly interface. In other words, you can log time, watch progress without switching a tab.

On the other hand, we aggregate data and allow managers better analyze team activities.

Insightly time tracking integration - Embed preview


In Everhour, you can use different layouts, add / remove columns, group data on purpose and export your reports to PDF or Excel.

Scan and manage time entries
Control your workload
Insightly time tracking integration - Report sample